The Virtual Student Constitution 2012: The Valleyview Student Handbook 2.0 EDITION


Many electronics can be used for help in learning. However they can also be distracting to a minor’s learning. Students must leave their phones in their lockers shut off if it is brought to school. Cell phone use on the bus is allowed. However students must keep the use of their phone appropriate (appropriate being no cyber bullying, cursing, etc.). If the administration discovers inappropriate use of the phone, it will be taken away, and student will be subjected to consequences. In addition, all electronics are allowed before the bell rings but they must be turned off and in their lockers before homeroom. However if a device is used for educational purposes, it is allowed as long as it is on vibrate or silent. All confiscated items will be in the office for parent pick-up.

FIRST OFFENSE: a written warning and the device is taken away for the remaining rest of the day.

SECOND OFFENSE: device is taken away, parent meeting

THIRD OFFENSE: student suspension, parent meeting, 2 points.

Cell Phones-If a student chooses to bring an electronic to school they cannot text or call anyone without a teachers permission. The phone will be confiscated if a student is caught texting, calling, or playing games without permission. The confiscated device will be brought to the main office to later be picked up by a parent


Dances, Socials and other Functions

Students must be present in school to participate in concerts, plays, and other social activities. Students are required to:

  • Be with an adult

  • Stay seated during appropriate times

  • Stay indoors

  • Don't enter restricted areas

To attend dances a student must have been present in school that day, pay for tickets act in good manner, and follow the dress code. Students with too many points are restricted to enter the building. Permission slips will be provided thought the week and will be returned within the given time period. No permission slip, no entrance. Students will be forced to arrive no earlier or later than the starting of the social event .Parents arrive promptly at the end of the event. No students have the approval to leave the school without a parent or guardian there to pick them up.

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Attendance/Tardiness Policy

Both parents and school staff have a right to see students in school, working. The only things that prevent students from staying out of school are these things:

1. Any harsh or contagious illness

2. Any religious holidays or celebrations

3. School sponsored events

After 10 excused absences, we will be forced to take legal action over the case.

More Reasons

  • A student may request an excused absence from school if there is a death in the family, religious purposes, participation in an educational program, and personal illness with a doctor’s note.

  • If a student is to be absent the parent or guardian must call the school office or the school nurse before school starts

  • A student with 5 or more absences need a guardian signature and/or a doctor’s note if the student was absent due to illness.

  • If a student is late to school the student will need to go to the main office and retrieve a pass. If student does not retrieve a pass, they will be marked absent or tardy.

  • If a Student exceeds 20 absences, the principal has the right to keep the student until he/she completes the academic responsibilities before the student passes.

  • Any absences other than the reasons listed above will not be tolerated unless the Superintendent of the district approves.

  • Vacations during the school year are discouraged. It will be counted as an unexcused absence. Teachers will not repeat missing work; it is the student’s responsibility to make up the work they missed. Teachers do not have to change due date for the absent student(s).

  • If a student is late to class, the student must arrive to class with a late pass signed by the teacher the student was with; date and time must be included

Student Conduct
Students are responsible for their own actions and are required to follow rules. We want the students to have a safe environment to learn thus the students must follow the codes below. Your punishment will depend on the seriousness of the event that has occurred. If a student has not acted poorly they shall be rewarded with the participation of the class field trip and the opportunity to participate in a dance. If the student does not follow the codes, they shall not be rewarded.

~ Students must respect themselves

~ Students must respect their peers
~ Students must do all classwork and homework
Wondering how or why you got a detention? (see voki below)


Backpacks and any backpack replacements are not allowed to be used around school due to safety and space concerns except for when the student is unable to carry their needed supplies due to injuries. Backpacks/ backpack replacements are only permitted to bring supplies to and from school before and after school hours. Students are required to manually carry their books during school hours.

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LOCKERS: Valleyview lockers are the schools property. The students lockers should be by their homeroom. The schools have the right to search lockers if for a reasonable cause. Students shouldn't keep any valuables in their lockers. If a student loses a lock they must pay $6.00 you replace it. Also they are told not to tell anyone their combination. Students can go to their lockers before homeroom, before and after lunch, and at dismissal time. The students cannot bring their lock home from their lockers. If a student is using someone else's or a locker that isn't his/hers they may lose locker privileges.

Malfunctioning lockers should be reported to the main office immediately. No dirty clothing or food should be kept in the lockers. Loitering by the lockers during class is not permitted. Locker clean-outs will be four times a year unless an administrator tells a student to. No valuables are allowed in the lockers. Any stolen items will cause trouble for the owner and the trouble-maker.

Cafeteria Guidelines you will have to enter the lunch room silently and be seated anywhere in the lunch room. after being seated you will be dismissed to get lunch think about what you will be getting before being dismissed to get lunch. that will help not to crowd the lunch room. after picking out your food you will pay the person serving the lunch.you also can talk to your friends silently. then you will be seated in the same seat. after eating all your food you can deposit the rest of your food in the trash and then place the tray on top of the garbage can. you can not eat out of the lunch room or you cat not eat out of the lunch room. after eating and throwing the rest of your lunch away you will be responsible to be cleaning the floor if anything on the floor. then you will have to clean your table. after all of this is complete you will have to silent till dismissed to play.

Lunchtime for 6th graders - 5th period, 7th graders – 6th period, and 8th grader - 7th period.

The period will be divided into 2 parts. For half of the grade lunch will be first (A lunch), and the other half will have recess first (B lunch). At the end of the every marking period, these lunches will change.

On the first day of school, you will be divided by teachers, and then the school will choose A lunch or B lunch for you. Lunches will be divided by homeroom. Also if students do not finish eating when lunch time is finished there will be an option to eat in recess, on the benches provided and no where else.

There will be an option of 'hot lunch' every day of the week. Parents must have ordered before hand. Students are responsible for remembering to take their hot lunch. Names will not be called out. Also students have the option to bring in lunch money to buy a meal in the cafeteria. Each meal is $4.50 and all money goes to helping Valley View afford new supplies as such as basketballs, field care, etc.

1. All students have to eat in school, unless permission is provided to eat outside.
2. Student have to have a pass to leave the lunchroom.
3. No yelling or screaming - inside voices.
4. Switching tables is only allowed with teacher's permission.
5. Students will not throw food or have any food fights.
6. Student are responsible for wiping their tables and cleaning up after themselves.
7. Students must make sure the floor is clean as well as chairs, also they must throw garbage into the appropriate trash can
8. Students are asked to follow all directions of the lunch aid and wait patiently until their table is dismissed.
9. I pods/nooks etc. are allowed during recess
10. Student may not do homework or read during recess.
11. On early dismissal days, their will be lunch period.
12. Glass bottles or containers are allowed.
13. Be silent when told to do so.
14. Use please and Thank you to any helpers
15. if any of the rules are disobeyed it may lead to detention.

Dress Code
~Students can't wear inappropriate clothes to school that could distract other students' from learning.
~No swimsuits, Hats are not allowed in class, but are permitted before homeroom and after 9th period
~Sandals are allowed.
~Students cannot wear anything deemed revealing.
~ Shorts, Dresses and skirts should at least be at your finger tip level. Pants must be worn at the waist
~ No undergarments should be showing
~ No violent, graphic clothing that could offend or harm another student
~remember, this is not an exhaustive list. Any clothes deemed inappropriate by an administrator are to be changed

Valleyview social functions